Due to recent protocols put in place by the government, and in obedience to Scripture (Romans 13:1-2), all face-to-face activities and events at Brainerd YFC have been suspended until further notice. We encourage you to be checking your local news in order to stay informed and up to date on proper procedures regarding Covid19. YFC staff and interns are working tirelessly to provide students with opportunities through social media and video calls. If there is any way we can support you or your family through this trying time, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, we will continue to place our trust in God amidst the chaos and know that this is all a part of His greater plan for us.

Blessings to all, 

Dale, Sam, Ben, Cass, Caroline, & Gracen

What's a BAY Rally?


BAY Rallies are awesome.  Any time one can get hundreds of teens gathered specifically to honor the Lord Jesus …. It’s pretty cool. The basic design for BAY rallies is music; lead by students  representing several different congregations.


The music is very upbeat, with a mix of new & familiar songs.  Each rally also features an assortment of live drama, interactive video and a guest speaker.   Each season, which is a school year, follows a theme that ties all the rallies together.  

The BAY Dream Team is responsible for developing the themes, sets and creative additions to each rally.  They are the heartbeat of each BAY Rally.

In the past we have had as many 44 different churches represented at the rallies, of every denomination.   We are very careful to honor the differences of denominations and focus solely on the Lord Jesus.  (Check out our statement of faith on this website.)



2019-20 Rally Intro

BAY Rally 75

A short video from BAY Rally 75!

From our inbox ....

“What you have done to build this community of youth leaders and students, just makes my heart burst!!  Love you!! “      –  Ginger


“This makes my heart swell with so much happiness and joy.  To see this, to know personally and first-hand how this touches lives and hearts, it’s a miracle.” - Sarah

“I am praying for this kind of ministry in my community to give my kids the same experience I was blessed with as a youth.  I have so many good memories and BAY is at the heart of it!  Thank you for investing in my life!!!”   – Jessica

“Thank you so much for all you do!! We love these rallies” – Pamela

“You have a reach and impact, even you don’t fathom. You are a true gift.” – Jenny

“…Many years ago I gave my life to Jesus Christ at a bay rally in the late 90’s. Before that I hated God. I blamed him for the divorce of my parents, even though it was really due to my father’s drinking. I was invited by a friend to come to the rally and actually had a lot of fun! I came two more times before actually becoming a Christian.

Now all these years later my oldest daughter is attending bay rallies - the same rallies that I attended as a girl! How amazing is that! She loves them and I have seen her faith grow as she invites friends to come to bay rallies just as my friend invited me. You are a blessing in so many ways and I pray that you will continue this amazing ministry that God has given you. …”

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