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Dollar Notes

A 12 Week Course for High Schoolers beginning 9/29/2022

Foundations in Personal Finance is the premier curriculum for teaching high schoolers about money––and it has already empowered more than 4 million students nationwide!


The curriculum reinforces 21st century learning skills through activities requiring students to analyze, integrate and apply new information to real-life problems and activities. The material is presented in an interactive format, requiring students to take an active role. Our goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to make sound financial decisions for life! 

There will a be requirement to purchase a Foundations in Personal Finance workbook for $30 which we will collect on the first day of class.


Instructed BY
Shanna Perez-Davis

Shanna is a realtor in the Brainerd Area and has taught this curriculum multiple times to a variety of groups. She has a passion for teaching people how to manage their money wisely, setting them up for the success in the freedom and peace that careful and intentional money management brings. 

In this Class we will cover





Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator


Graduation Ceremony

Life After High School


Consumer Awareness

Sale Packages

Bargain Shopping

Market Analysis

Investing & Retirement

Hurricane Damage



Money & Relationships

Filling Out Tax Form

Careers & Taxes

Collecting Money


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Classes held at the YFC Junction
323 S 6th ST Brainerd

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