Satsumas & PEcans


10 lb Lug  Satsumas - $28
1 lb Bag Pecans - $17


Succulent Citrus.
Delicious Pecans.

Fantastic Cause.

A Fresh Box (or Bag) of Taste-Good, Feel-Good Treats

Here's yet another opportunity to help give life to the stories of the youth in the Brainerd Area simply by snacking on delicious food. Count us in!

Sweet and tangy, Satsumas are a seedless, easy-peel, medium-sized citrus snack that comes in season just in time for Christmas!

The Pecans, available in all natural or cinnamon and sugar varieties, are perfect to set out in a bowl to munch on every time you walk by. You might just need to have refills at the ready though, as you might find yourself walking by quite a bit.


Caramelized Pecans



Thanks for checking out this page! The link is live, so place your order and reserve your tasty winter treats!

*NOTE: Satsumas and Pecans will be PRE-ORDER ONLY this time around! We do stands for peaches during the summer, but those can get really cold in December.


Our Georgia grower will ship the pecans and satsumas directly from the farm to us here in Brainerd to arrive sometime during the second week in December. We'll have more details regarding the date and time as we get closer, so stay tuned!

Pickup Location:

The YFC Junction

323 S 6th St Brainerd, MN 56401