Although we have been in schools for many years; this past year we joined forces with one of the  Nation’s most recognized suicide prevention programs, Yellow Ribbon of Denver, Colorado.  Now fully credentialed by Yellow Ribbon, our presentations are motivated by a theme of Encouragement and Hope.  We address the issues of teen depression & suicide by speaking in schools, churches and community service organizations.  

Each presentation focuses on how anyone can be a link to help a friend when facing life’s most difficult situations. 



 “BAY brings a genuine and sincere calm when dealing with students.  It's a great community resource to have in our schools.”  Officer Troy Schriefels

"Pillager School District is so grateful to the Brainerd Yellow Ribbon for sharing their message of hope and awareness surrounding the topic of suicide prevention with our Middle School students. Students leave the presentation knowing that asking for help is the right thing to do and they know exactly how do get help. " Stacy Germundson,       

Pillager Middle School Counselor

The Brainerd Yellow Ribbon is Jon Ring of Timber Bay & Dale  Kuglin of Brainerd Area Youth for Christ. 

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