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April 26, 2023

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What is one of the best ways for a young person to know that a life in Jesus is worth living?

Through other students!

This time around we are featuring the lives and stories of area students as they share their faith stories through song, video and spoken word.

Come early for the pre-rally games! (Doors open at 5:45)

The Northern Pacific Center

1511 Northern Pacific Road, Brainerd, MN

6:45 – 8:30 pm

Admission: Free Will Offering


YFC BAY Rallies are awesome.  Any time one can get hundreds of teens gathered specifically to honor the Lord Jesus …. It’s pretty cool.   YFC BAY Rallies are by teens and for teens representing several different congregations plus many students without any church affiliation at all.

Each rally features an assortment of original comedy sketches and / or dramas, interactive videos, rousing student lead music and a guest speaker.   Each season, which is a school year, follows a theme that ties all the rallies together.


​The BAY Dream Team is responsible for developing the themes, sets and creative additions to each rally.  They are the heartbeat of each BAY Rally.

​The YFC BAY Rallies began in 1995 and have been held 3 times a year ever since.  In that time the BAY Rallies have averaged 850 in attendance. We have had as many 44 different churches represented at a rally of every denomination.  Surveys also show that as many as 40% of the Rallies’ audience are students without any church affiliation at all.  We are very careful to honor the differences of denominations and focus solely on the Lord Jesus. 

(Check out our statement of faith on this website.)

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YFC b.a.y. Rally Dates 2023-2024

Wednesday October 11, 2023

Wednesday January 24,2024

wednesday April 24,2024

rally 81 d.JPG

looking back at
Rallies #79& #80

Rally #79 (January 26, ’22) – “Finding the missing piece”

               The Puzzle is not completed unless every piece is in place. Many times people try to force a wrong piece into place. Not only does this not work, it can leave to damaged lives, distrust, scars and hurt feelings.  Each piece must be the right piece, just as it was designed.

Rally #80 (April 6, ’22) – Puzzles: “God’s Greater Picture”

               One of the most puzzling events in history had to have been the crucifixion of Jesus.  There was so much hope that he would establish his kingdom and overthrow the Romans.  However, God’s plan was much, much better. 

We don’t always know what the finished product will look like. But God has a plan for each of us. It’s amazing to know that we can be part of God’s Grand Design.

The Dream Team is responsible for developing the themes, sets, and creative additions for each rally. They  make the magic happen!

JOin our Dream Team!

Are you a student who likes the sound of the Dream Team? Want to be a part of something bigger?

Let's make it happen!

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Help Lead Our Dream Team!

Are you an adult who has a heart for encouraging and  guiding students as they reach their peers with the gospel of Christ? Love the idea of the Dream Team and curious how you can help? Apply to become a Dream Team Mentor Today!

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