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Hands Up

It's fun for the whole family! Made possible by the generosity of local businesses and individuals as "hole sponsors," we look forward to our yearly outing at Pirates Cove to eat and mini-golf with hundreds of our friends in the community!


One of the tastiest fundraisers we do, you have the opportunity to help give life to the stories of the teens in the Brainerd Area just be eating delicious farm-fresh peaches...


This summertime sale seems like a pretty sweet deal to us!


A new one for us this year! Just in time for the Christmas holiday season, our Georgia grower promises delicious, sweet, tangy, seedless, easy-peel, citrus-y goodness to everyone who orders.

Also available and (confirmed as delicious) are bags of pecans worth going nuts over, in both cinnamon and naturally flavored varieties. Yum!

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