Indiana and the Search for Quality Peaches

One Sweet Fund-Raiser!

There's a good reason that Georgia has the title of "The Peach State." Georgia-grown peaches are known for their superior flavor, texture, appearance as well as their nutritious qualities - so much so, that a peach is featured on the U.S. Mint's Georgia quarter.

Our Georgia grower has informed us that he has a wonderful crop of peaches coming in this year! We are pleased to carryover last year’s price of $40 per 25 lbs. box for the award-winning Georgia fruit.

We expect delivery sometime between June 24 and 27. Pickup will be in Brainerd at the YFC office.

Please Pre-Order by

Tuesday, June 16th

Questions or more info? Call us at 218-825-9149 or click to email.


In addition to the mouth-watering delight you will receive, you’ll also experience heart-warming delight because of their deeper purpose. As one of YFC’s major fundraising projects, you will provide much needed financial supply for continued Gospel work.

If only we could always support the ministries we love simply by enjoying good fruit!

A special note to those who have ordered:

Thank you SO much for ordering a box of Georgia peaches - all of us here at YFC appreciate you so much! Even buying one box of peaches can make an impact in the lives of the teens in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Some delivery details:

  • Peaches will arrive between June 24th-27th (updates such as exact date and pickup time will be posted as soon as we get them)

  • Pick up will be at the Youth for Christ office in Brainerd (1014 Laurel Street).

  • If you have any questions give us a call at 218-825-9149, or email us at

  • We will be calling or texting you morning of the delivery to confirm everything is on time.

  • Another thing! Add us to your contact list so you can receive emails about upcoming events and information, or else it may be thrown in your junk file.

  • We thank you again! You are greatly appreciated. 

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