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How do you feel when you hear about a life that is is changed by the love of Jesus? For us, it strengthens our determination to continue sharing the Gospel with as many as we can.

Another encouragement is knowing that this ministry is made possible by the generosity of God's people who believe in the importance of our work in reaching the next generation for Christ. Whether it's $10 or $100, one-time gift or monthly, all of it is both incredibly appreciated and incredibly necessary for us to be able to continue to carry out our mission to provide area youth with hope, inspiration, purpose and peace.

Please consider a monthly pledge to Brainerd YFC, or a generous one time gift.




PO Box 1131
Brainerd, MN



*3% processing fee for all online donations






(833) 833-3972

Youth Rally Legacy fund

Since September 1995 the YFC B.A.Y. Rallies have been one of the most visible parts of Brainerd Youth for Christ.  With an average attendance of 800+ the number of students who have walked thru the door to a YFC B.A.Y. Rally is staggering and, for many, life changing.


There are three YFC B.A.Y. Rallies each school year at base expense of $5000 per rally, which up until now has come mostly for the Brainerd YFC general fund. This ministry has impacted tens of thousands of students and we want it to continue. Therefore, we are establishing the Youth Rally Legacy Fund in order for the impact of the Rallies to continue for the foreseeable future.


We are looking for individuals, churches and businesses to make a 5 year pledge which would be specifically set aside for the YFC B.A.Y. Rallies.  You determine what the Lord would have you pledge to give each year for the next 5 years.  Public recognition at the rallies will be given to those who desire it.


Our goal for YFC Youth Rally Legacy Fund is to have $15,000 / each year set aside for the YFC B.A.Y. Rallies.

on the 

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Wish List

Recurring Needs: We have a lot of hungry students walking thru our doors! Consider becoming a monthly supplier of:

Arnold Palmer
Bottled Water


Hot Chocolate Mix

Ice Cream (Pails)

Ice Cream Toppings

Ice Cream Treats

Keurig Coffee Pods (Variety)

Kirkland Sparkling Water

Paper Goods (Napkins, Plates, 16 oz cups, plastic utensils)


Popcorn Flavored Seasonings

Individually Wrapped Snacks (Variety)

YFC Junction Needs:

Carpet & Floor Manual Sweeper
ock Pot

Variety of Art Supplies or Hobby Lobby gift cards
Costco, Walmart, Target gift cards,


Larger - Ticket Items:

Industrial Popcorn Popper
Ping-Pong Table
Laptop Computer
Battery Powered Leaf blower
Gas Grill
Bike Rack



Ping-Pong Balls
Kubb Game
Sounds Fishy
Taco Vs. Burrito
Ultimate Chicken Horse
4 Player Chess
Hand to Hand Wombat
Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)
Just Dance (Nintendo Switch)
Jumbo Throw-Throw Burrito
Wooden Double Ladder Toss
Bocce Ball


TO Learn about becoming an Event Sponsor or

Junction Story Underwriter,


"I am praying for this kind of ministry in my community to give my kids the same experience I was blessed with as a youth. I have so many good memories and [BYFC] is at the heart of it!" Thank you for investing in my life!"


—  Jessica

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