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How do you react when you hear about a life that is changed by the love of Jesus Christ? For me, it strengthens my determination to continue sharing the Gospel with as many as will listen. The other major source of encouragement is knowing that God’s people are generously supporting this ministry financially. I recently heard a study stating 70% of all donations are just $10.  We have several individuals who give $10 or more each month to Brainerd Area Youth for Christ; however, we are in great need for an increase in the number of families willing to help us


Please consider a monthly pledge to BAY or a generous one time gift. Help us continue to share the Great News with the youth and families of the Brainerd Lakes Area!

“My name is Jenna.   I was raised in an average middle class family, attended church occasionally, worked a couple of part time jobs, but never seriously considered Jesus to be anything, or anyone, to involve in my daily life.  In my senior year a friend invited me to a BAY Rally.  He and I planned to meet at the rally; but there was a lot of people there, and I forgot my phone.  I never did find him before it   started.  But I met someone else, I met Jesus!   Now a couple of years later, my walk with Christ has really grown.  I attend a state university where I have learned the importance of finding other Christian friends to help me grow and keep me accountable.  I am so thankful for BAY, for me it was the start of a brand new life.” 

"BAY touches and transforms lives.  The positive environment provides opportunities for our youth to be      creative, be inspired, be themselves, and most importantly be challenged in their personal walk with Jesus.”  Wendy

Your prayers matter.

Your giving matters.

We thank you for it.

All Brainerd Youth for Christ finances are processed by West Central Youth for Christ, Please type "Brainerd" in the comment box. (link below)

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