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Devote Woman

YFC's 5 Essentials - 1 of 5



We deliberately engage many Christians to intercede on behalf of the ministry site.

Our Statement of Faith

our Team:
2023 dt retreat (207).JPG
Dale Kuglin

Ministry Director

2023 dt retreat (124).JPG
Benjamin Hanson

High School Campus Life

2023 dt retreat (204).JPG
Caroline Lindenbach

Middle School Campus Life

2023 dt retreat (154).JPG
Ibby Erfurth
2023 dt retreat (219) (1).JPG
Micah Moyer

Advisory Board

DAn Anderson

Shanna Davis

Bob Gross

Nita Gross

Craig Katzenberger

Mick Thielen

Wes Wagner

Christy Tobin (ad hoc)

Robert Slagter (ad Hoc)
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